What should we do?

I am open to ideas from the community. This is no longer about what I want to do, it’s what we want to do. I can not fight this battle alone, as the collateral damage affects too many others, and I do not want to make this decision lightly.

Some suggest going for bullet proof hosting – which will cost us an additional $1100 per month – is everyone willing to chip in to cover that?

Some suggest just shutting down the free chat rooms altogether.

Some suggest sending the furries off to a different site and banning them to get rid of the most likely intended target.

There is an extra protection service we can try for $200 a month – but I do not think it will work with the two way chat system, only static pages.

Some have suggested we do what we can to protect all of the groups that here, and design a secure place for the furry/ anime / rp community that is the most likely target. I have looked into this, and this could be done for about $80 per month. Would there be enough support from the users to make that worth doing? Would this even stop the attacks on scsc?

There have been some other suggestions, including taking up donations to offer a reward for our attacker.

We might switch to a different chat system. This will cost money and time. I know so many love all the features of our current chat system, so changing it would be a major issue for most. I have been researching this for a long time, and currently there is no other chat system that has all the features we have come to love. I am testing some things right now.

I’m not sure if everyone would be willing to donate to get a new chat system online. Some options will cost be a couple hundred a month, other options are going to require me to spend more than $1,000 to get started.

I am willing to fight for free speech, but with this kind of battle I can not do it alone. I can not afford the time and money it has already cost me. The collateral damage to the other people and businesses that share our web server have already taken a hit as well. I must put my own selfish desires to the side and consider if fighting this battle is worth costing everyone else that is suffering from it as well.

I am working on some backup plans – one will launch in 24 hours, more will follow 😉

I hope to get feedback, more ideas and suggestions here.

I am open to ideas, suggestions, etc… Click the “## comments bubble” below to comment publicly or read other comments, or contact Nash privately here.

140 responses

  1. this site is so much more than a chat site you can tell from all the out pouring of love and all the comments that we are a family and i hate that someone is trying to break up our family i would not be able to afford to pay much but i would be willing to contribute what i can when i can but i could do something like $5 a month other than that i would be willing to pay what i can when i can like i said a family should never be torn apart and i love that this family is fighting so hard to keep us all together and anything i can do to keep us all together i will do it thank you so much nash for not only bringing this family together but fighting so hard to keep us together …. also can anyone tell me why i cant seem to register in the peeps area i fill out ever field and then click register but still nothing happens am i doing something wrong? …. and thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on this place and made it so special in all of our hearts

    • JM!!! I had some trouble too trying to register for the peeps area. I typed in my username as Short and Sweet, and got the confirmation/activation email and such, but when I went to log in, it wouldn’t let me. Finally I realized that the spaces in my username had been changed to hyphens. So technically my username is Short-and-Sweet. Maybe that happened to yours too!

      Also, I’m still pretty new to these parts, but I did want to second JM’s thank you to Nash for trying to get this under control and working so hard to fix the issues.

      • the problem is i dont even get a confirmation email or anything i fill everything in and then click on register and it just reloads the page again so idk what is going on i will keep trying though

        • Possibly switch your cookie settings? That came up while I was trying to register too. I dunno man… I’m not too tech savvy myself. :\ Sorry I’m being ZERO help.

  2. As a girl, i find it very hard to find an acceptable chat room that doesnt put u under pressure

    i am mourning the loss of this amazing place, please reinstate it in it’s former state or as near as possible. It was perfect

  3. I can’t believe someone would attack this site and try to take away all the fun everyone else was having. I’m glad we’re still working to keep it going. I’ll support however I can.

  4. I’d be willing to kick in at least $10 a month, if ensured discrete payment options. More if needed. The tyranny of hackers is infuriating and must be resisted. …
    I don’t think separating out the furries is a good idea. It’s practical in intent but it smells of capitulation and the hackers would surely pick up on their newfound power. Maybe next they go after homosexuals, bisexuals, or BDSM aficionados, Who knows who? Kind of like Ben Franklin said when the Continental Congress was bickering, “If we do not hang together, we will all most assuredly hang separately.” …
    Stinky’s “members room” idea is interesting, worth looking at, at least. …
    Thank you Nash, for all you’ve done and continuing to fight the good fight. I’m amazed at how a site I intended to visit ONCE when I was in a particularly devilish mood one night has become such a part of my life. What a wonderful concept evolved here: a place where you can come to talk dirty if you’re in that spirit, or a place to come and just talk to nice people if you’re in THAT spirit. Brilliant, and, I’m pretty sure, unique in all of cyberspace.
    To all my friends in the GSR, it’s been a blast, god bless, hope we can do it again someday.

  5. AAaarrrggggghhhh. I am so not tech savvy. Every time I try to register for the SexChat Peeps, nothing happens. I fill everything out, type in the super-secret-spy-code at the bottom, hit enter and pft, nothing. Just back to the registration page with blank spaces for my password. Does it specify how long the password should be and what it should be comprised of? Anybody have suggestions??? This lesbian needs to connect with her peeps. (Thanks Fine Wine for setting up a lesbian user group – you rock!)

    • i was having the same problem until someone said to check out my cookie setting once they were all good then i worked like a charm for me i hope it will help you too

      • Fooled around with my cookies (no pun intended)-nothing. Upon entering the code at the bottom and clicking submit, i go back to the registration page that still has all my info – but I am required to input a password again. Clearly this must be child proof as my computer skills are that of a 3 year old’s.

      • The registration page might be finicky about unusual characters in names – and I don’t think it tells people about these errors.. try to use dashes instead of space, or parenthesis and such maybe..

  6. let me register now is asking for a valid activation code. what is that where do i get it? not in the email i received to activate my acct

  7. hi nash ,thanks for the update. i miss you too leah ,and everyone from the gsr,and in all the other rooms that i met people and chatted.hope to see you all soon,will help in any way. take care.


  8. Cuts me deep to see one of my fav sites get attacked like this. GL to Nash and Mods to get this fixed.

    Anywho, if it’s some money you’re after how about…
    * a PayPal account – some people will be generous here. Nothing to ‘rely’ on, but any bit helps. Donator can maybe get a special username colour for their contribution.
    * a ad-free version, say $10 per month
    * an account based option – anonymity is important to most of us but I am sure some would go for a permanent account option, where they can store photos, description of the person, interests, etc. For this, you could charge $20/month. Not easy to implement maybe.
    * the sad fact… we love the rooms as they are now but it does seem that the system will need to change to adapt to hackers.

    Thinking caps all! We can get through this, I know it.


  9. You had the best sex chat on the web. There are no other site where you could feel as free and safe to enter as in yours. It hould be a huge lost if you don’t find a way to keep it running.

  10. Not sure if this will be the new chatroom or just until things get fixed on the old one. I’m part of the sub groups i guess since very seldom i went anywhere else (furry/anime).Just thought i would say something since i haven’t seen anyone else i know leave a comment.I’m sure some won’t be happy from all the changes and not be coming back.Most i know/friends have moved to another site already….i have been coming here for well over a year and will never forget all the great times had.Thanks for caring enough to try keeping this community together and for having the best chatroom i have ever been in.

    • Seems like our new chat is under attack.. strange choice these attackers are making. Looks like our DOC counter measures have kicked in, which is good – but it appears they continue their attacks longer than suspected. Very strange, but we are looking at the details right now.

      • Why do these people do this !!!??? Is it legal ?!?! Can we make it illegal !??!
        Its difficult to understand what pleasure they get – but thanks for all your efforts – I’m sure we will prevail !!

        • Dick – I am still unsure why they are doing this. I am getting mixed messages about it.. and those messages may not even be accurate.
          Is it illegal? Yes. Definitely. Not sure what pleasure they are getting from this attack… it’s kind of silly if you ask me..

  11. free is free , I had to go to sexchat.net because there was no comparable site, but a girl has needs, i cant afford paying for a site , is it free or not,, it sounds harsh, but i dodge UK guys on the site im using now,, it just comes with the territory,,,i wouldnt close down if that is the main problem,, if it is virus attack, just beef up security, i dont know…I really miss this site…..hope its up soon

  12. For the furry community, if they don’t already know about it, f-list. net is a good option, though it would be a lot harder to have the small community that we have all grown to love.

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