Why all the disconnects

Our web server computer has been under massive DOS attack for about the past week.

A DOS attack is when some criminal fucktard gets a bunch of computers to make lots of requests over and over again, it clogs up the internet pipes and makes it so that people are unable to get through. This is similar to when a radio station runs a call in contest and thousands of people call at the same time. Some people get through, some people get a busy signal, and most people get an error saying all circuits are too busy to even give you a busy signal.

Why are these fucktards attacking our site?

At this point I do not know. There has been some discussion saying that some disgruntled cry baby is mad at the furry / anime role play group that uses our chat rooms to hang out. He is mad at them, and wants to show his power, and wants them to respect his author-a-tie.

At one point someone who hides behind the screen name exor at the time, told me that we should allow hate speech in our chat rooms, and he does not think it’s fair that we do not allow someone to create a room and screen name that says “Nig*** are Mon**” blah blah blah.

This appears to be a hate crime as far as I can tell. However I am not sure that these are the real reasons… I don’t even think the bot network operators are even sure what they real reason is that this person has set up these attacks.

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  1. Oh yeah, one of the fake screen names that was throwing around threats at one time was complaining that we axed the ability for some people to get around our page setup and access an ad free, full screen version – which is and always has bee a violation of our terms of service. Some people using that were greeted with an “forbidden access page” – I don’t know if this is the same guy, or if they are connected. Just another random thought.

  2. It’s a real shame that one person with such low self esteem/hightened sense of self worth issue can bring an entire community to its knees. Whatever the petty reasons are that support this person’s rampage; they obviously do not justify his/her actions. There really is only one truth and that is : karma is a bitch.

    • It’s unfortunate that for any fun group situation, eventually someone comes along to ruin it for everyone else. This has been the best free chat room I have seen and have enjoyed many conversations here. I hope that it can get back running again, just the way it has been, free and anonymous

  3. Explaining the problem had been a endless prove of respect! I would suggest a company to get the chat staff in its busines. You are great people who know how to manage a “customer”.
    About the problem: Could Police be the attacker? Even if chat was a wonderful place there were “rape” situations and bad other stuff. As “fantasy” only… I know. But I know in some countries Police “stops” popular websites by elettronical attacking.

  4. it sucks that everyones fun is ruined by some douche nerd with a vengeance , regardless thanks for endless hours of fun on your site, i really will miss it xo

  5. Hi Nash, i want to thank you for all the wonderful times i have had on sexchat. My thanks also to the Moderators, i.e. Mikey, Fine Wine, Bikerdad etc. I do hope you can slove the problem as it has been a wonderful site and i shall miss it, but hopefully you can slove it. As to the “hacker” i hope he burns in hell!! lol – elizabeth/f/24

  6. Thank you very much for your explanation. I don’t know why someone would go to such lengths to cause your life (and others) problems. I hope that this comes to a swift end very soon and the perpetrator pushed off the top of Mount Everest.

    That is all, thank you.

  7. aww, that is just awful for someone to do that, I liked coming to the chat, met some really awesome people there. Goin to miss it. But thanks for explaining what’s been goin on, that’s why I kept getting disconnected all the time. Thank for the fun. (:

  8. The more I think about it, the more aggrivated i become. I met a very wonderful on the site and the possibility that I may never communicate with her is heartbraking.

  9. Man, what a shame. I loved meeting new people on this site and met an amazing woman who I may never talk to again. If you read this, Sapphic Dream, your still occupying a special place in my heart.

  10. whateve4r the reason for the attacks no one will ever know i know i have met some good people also. but chances are the attacks come form some kids or get caught all the time coming on and as for the hate speech chat rooms have no place for that not for any type of nasty abuse

  11. There might be ways to stop these DOS attacks, as settings can sometimes be made to disallow ping requests to the server. I have my home PC set up as a server and that is set on mine. I’m pretty sure that DOS attacks are only ping requests (ICMP protocol). It might not be that simple though with a real server, compared to my home PC which is just running server software (SHOUTcast) on it. Pretty sure I set it up (disallowed it) in my router settings.

  12. i am terribly sorry that this is happening. i was beginnining to form some true friendships on here and am really mad that a couple of people can ruin it for everyone

      • Yeah, it’s a real shame that people have to ruin things for others. I’ve been talking to people many times, building new friendships and I end up getting disconnected in the middle of my chats because of this hacker making of a mess of things for everyone.

  13. I’ve only just started to come on here (from about December) and I cannot understand why certain people have to ruin things for everyone else, this hacker has clearly been making a mess of the web server by sending out all these attacks.

    I have started to get to know people on here and make new friends; I want to carry on building friendships with other people on here. It’s a real shame that there’s always people that have to ruin things for others.

  14. nash, i love ur site .i am a real otr trucker an the site is safer then what walks the truck stops.to putthe topping on it i have mad some hookups with other members and it was great and now have some new friends on the road.
    as for the hackers get a life .if u cant play nice on a site like this dont sign up to it.
    and as some of the other members said karma is a mother f**ker and will bite u in tha ass.
    your friend and fellow chatter,trucker5161.
    PS hope we are able to get back soon nash.agane great site

  15. wanted to thank you for the site … it was a pleasant suprise to find once yahoo was shut down. Though i did not get to use the site very long i feel it was one of the better if not best chat room on the web!!
    Just wondering if you plan on coming back & if so any ETA??? I really hope you don’t let that piss ant hackers get the better of you and the site. All the best & thank you again!!! It was a wonderful “outlet”!
    XoXoXo 🙂

  16. Mean people suck…And, not very well, I might add. Can’ wait until the site is up again. I’m sorry you’re struggling Nash. Thank you for everything; keep the faith.

  17. will miss some important people in my life and some great talks. made my marriage better. Jim 47 hope we get in touch just started to get to no you and PB what can i say Lilli katina great fun hope we can get it back up again its a void..

  18. I didn’t know using the ad-free version was against the rules… Sowwy!
    (Anyways, as a good selfish person, I never shared that link)

  19. This make me so sad. Yes i am part of the furry community and i apologize for the trouble that came after us. I hope everyone the best. I made some good friends on this site like cloud, karma, and most of all Viper. I will miss all of you. Nash I wish you the best of luck. Hope there is a solution soon. I miss all my friends 😦

  20. Hey Nash, I was a regular visitor to the site, and I’m pretty bummed that it was put on hold for something as trivial as this. I hope you will be able to get the site up and running soon, and we are all right behind you all the way! We should have a victory celebration in the lobby when this is over, lol. Best of luck to you!

  21. I always look forward to coming on here & letting go of my week in such a totally awesome way! It’s wonderful here and I’m so disappointed I can’t access it right now. – Olivia

  22. I do hope to be in contact with some people on here again, they are people who I have spoken to recently, who I would like to speak to again, very soon. Hope everything goes well Nash.


  23. I wouldn’t doubt that someone posted the webpage on 4chan and asked to nuke it :/
    We dun goofed 😦
    Haven’t tried the new one yet, will take a look now.

  24. Its a real shame that some lonely sad fucked up retard can cause so much misery for so many peeps! I have had some fantastic chats on here and will sorely miss the site if this idiot wins and the site goes down for good. I hope this problem can be sorted and I will look forward to getting back on! Long live sexchatsexchat!!

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