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  1. Hello Nash – thank you for working so hard for us. Honestly I do appreciate and value what you are doing.
    I tried out this new chatsite…I sometimes think I am too old for this…Maybe I just need some time to get used to it. I am used to the other feature since two years… I will try to get used to it. If not – that was it for me.
    And – I can’t log in with my name tags, because there are only 20 letters allowed.
    Please forgive me that my enthusiasm is not in high gear… I am so used to the other site.
    You have my utmost respect for working so hard – day and night. Please do not forget to take care of yourself.
    * hugs *

    • I agree ladylikes – loved the OLD system, its hard to teach an OLD dog new tricks 😦 The main problem is finding the time to learn it – get off work at 5 – household things to do and can’t log on til 9 – then time for bed :((
      I’ll try to do the best I can but not sure this will be easy to adjust to with eyes my age :(( If not, good luck to all & have fun:)
      Again, THANKS for all the hard work on your end to make this possible.

  2. as I said before – I thank Nash for his brilliant work and his effort to get a chat going. I also value the time he is investing in this project – sadly it causes a lack of sleep and headaches.
    I have always felt like in a family….. but this new chatsite….is more for the younger people. I have problems to adjust. I guess that was it for me. My family is gone. My comfort zone is gone. My social platform is gone. Back to being alone I think.
    Thank you Mr hacker – for making me so sad.

    • dont go away…it will be straightened out
      people just havent found it yet
      we need to set up a link from the old site
      nash said today that he just wanted to make sure this didnt crash before he makes a better link

    • Hang in there Lady!

      I too am having issues with the new site, and feel a bit overwhelmed using something so foreign but I do appreciate all of Nash’s time and effort in all of this!

      We will get our home back Lady, just dont lose hope 🙂

  3. Hi Nash:

    Went to test below link & this is what I received (what does it mean) is it me or the website. THANKS AGAIN!:

    DNS Points to Local or Disallowed IP You’ve requested a page on a website (sexchatspace.gchats.net) that is on the CloudFlarenetwork. Unfortunately, it is resolving to local or disallowed IP address. If you are the owner of this website, you should login to CloudFlare and change the DNS A records for sexchatspace.gchats.net to resolve to a different IP address. * Timestamp: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 10:53:46 -0800 * Your IP address: * Requested URL: sexchatspace.gchats.net/ * Error reference number: 1002 * Server ID: FL_11F12 * Process ID: PID_35f6bcb3777041


    • Hoping Nash is getting some much needed sleep – Unfortunately, looks like the site is down for the moment as everyone is getting these messages and can’t get in – please be patient & hopefully it will b back up soon 🙂

      • Hey Angelips,

        You know this new chat? Is it only a trial? Do you think we can get the old chat back? I find it to be a lot easier; I’m really glad that there’s something there so far, with all the effort that Nash has put in. But, do you think that we’ll get the old chat back? I hope so.. 🙂

        • I sure hope so too, Liam 🙂 Anything is better than nothing but I prefer the old chat as well. This is temporary and has already gone own but hopefully be back soon 🙂

  4. Hi Nash, thanks so much for all the work you put into bringing back the chat site. It’s interesting how much one misses it. I hope the old format can be brought back at some point. This one doesn’t seem to have the same appeal. So if there’s a choice, I vote for the old one back.
    However, I’m very grateful that we have something. Thanks again! You rock!

    • thanks for the thanks fem! It’s people like you that keep me focused on keeping everyone connected!

      We are working to bring the old one back, and further develop some other new options if everyone likes some of the other options we are exploring. There are many things I prefer with the older chat system, and a few things I like from our new test one version. A few of the features in our backup backup; flashy chat test version two are pretty cool as well.

      So we will keep testing, and keep asking for feedback and suggestions from everyone, and see what we can pull together here for the future. I am glad that you are choosing to be a part of it, and so many others have offered to help with this as well!

  5. it is so nice to be able to chat with everyone again ,ty nash. the rooms are there ladylikes ,you have many friends there ,would love to have a triendly falk with you,check it out ,you are not alone ladylikes.


      • Weird that you mention I harassed people. If I really wanted to come back I could, but we both know that Nash. It’s okay though, understandable even. I’m not going to get on my knees for an unbanning just not my thing. Good luck on getting the site running 🙂

  6. Hi all still seem to be having problems my end so if I can’t get back on to chat, I hope you are all safe and take care been great chatting to you all and I will miss the good times

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