Progress 1-23 – 905pm-cst

We are making progress peeps!

Quick updates to keep everyone in the loop.

Two backup / alternative options are very close to launching! (thinking within the hour / fingers crossed)

Some people are connecting through the peeps section now ( ) – Although connecting there will be spotty if our web server comes under attack again – some I am hardening up our other backup options with a vengeance.

I think I may have gotten some info from our attacker – and am trying to communicate issues with this person.

I have gotten virtually no information from some of the sub groups that may be affected by all this, kind of disappointing on that end.

I really appreciate all the support from the community, a lot of motivation to keep this thing going everyone! Maybe I should of shut down the chat rooms and asked for testimonials / give us a hand that way! I know, it’s hard to spend time out of the chat and into other sections of the site. I am glad to see so many ideas and suggestions, I am considering all of them; not enough time to reply to them all yet.

Cool new things coming.. I am back to work on them now – will post updates here, and or on the backup plans page.

21 responses

    • Great to hear!! I have all confidence that we’ll be back amongst our friends soon, thanks to your hard work – wish I could at least make your coffee runs 🙂 I feel helpless with my knowledge of computers, or lack of 😦
      Look forward to your next posting 🙂 Thanks !!!

  1. sara35,good luck nash.I hope you get it all sorted out ,but there will always be someone that has a gripe about some group.hope you can find a way to keep us ALL on .

  2. I tried to register on sex chat peeps, after I registered in the new chat – it does not work-
    it won’t let me.
    what am I doing wrong? Maybe someone can help?
    The new chat is not my thing. I guess I am back to being alone now. No chat for me anymore….. 😦

    • Awww, you’re not alone — I don’t think the chat is gonna stay the way it is now – its down as of maybe half hr ago & hopefully it will be “elder” friendly when it returns 🙂 I sure hope so or I’ll just have to chat on Y thingy and I do miss everyone there. I’m not familiar with the peeps thing or I’d try to help – maybe someone else who is computer savvy will see this and help you – (I’m blonde at computers)

      • Hello dear Angelips – I would like to add you on sthingy – if you like. I just don’t know how to manage it without putting my ID in the open – maybe you know someone on there who knows me?
        Greetings – ladylikes 🙂

  3. Not sure if this will be the new chatroom or just until things get fixed on the old one. I’m part of the sub groups i guess since very seldom i went anywhere else (furry/anime).Just thought i would say something since i haven’t seen anyone else i know leave a comment.I’m sure some won’t be happy from all the changes and not be coming back.Most i know/friends have moved to another site already….i have been coming here for well over a year and will never forget all the great times had.Thanks for caring enough for trying to keep this community together and having the best chatroom i have ever been in.

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