Why continue to attack us?

Wow. Really?

Why would you all continue to attack us and shut down our chat rooms? It really makes no sense to me. These attacks make no statement.

The groups who control these attack networks appear to stand up for morals about free speech and open communication to some degree, yet they are used to disconnect speech and communication for our sites.

These attackers admit they know they are causing an immense amount of frustration among many people, and causing collateral damage to other web sites that is staggering. Yet no reason why. At first I thought these guys were simply ignorant of what they were doing, blinded by some rejection, however now it shows they are not ignorant, simply stupid.

With so many ways to communicate about whatever is up your ass – contact here or conversate publicly here; nothing. Just silence.

Is this really about your hatred for the group of Manga chatters? One of them comes to our chat room and you decide to attack it for hours on end just to stalk harass and hurt them? You are doing this knowing that it is hurting others emotionally and financially? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like attacking Verizon because someone you don’t like uses their phone system.

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  1. I don’t think attacking them verbally is really going to do anything at all, but sure continue. Getting DDOS’ed is pretty fun isn’t it? You’ll fix it eventually though. Good luck.

    Sincerely, The cloudybanned one 🙂

  2. I don’t know but they’re probably loving the attention you’re giving them, and they probably like how you tell them all the damage they’re causing too. Talking to them didn’t seem to work the first time, either. Don’t mods usually preach don’t feed the trolls just block or ignore them?

    • As usual, bubblegumbitch hits the nail on the head. These people are bottom feeding trolls. They randomly attack, claim to be righteous, refuse to give a coherent reason, and don’t care who they hurt. There is a word for that type of person.

  3. “It’s like attacking Verizon because someone you don’t like uses their phone system.”

    That’s an apt metaphor for what’s happening here. The attackers’ point is to “make” people they don’t like leave “their” (i.e. the attackers’) internet. Apparently they don’t like the furry/manga chatters, at the very least. And since the attackers 1) don’t believe they’ll get caught, and 2) believe that the entire internet is theirs to do with what they wish, they have no problem attacking a proverbial phone system because they don’t like some people using it. Collateral damage either means absolutely nothing to them *at best* – at worst, they actually see it as a good thing, as the more collateral damage they inflict, the more powerful they feel.

  4. BTW, I suspect the whole “free speech” thing is a ruse – a case of “Heads, you lose; tails, I win.” If you allowed any/all speech in the chat, then they’d probably just start spamming the chat with content designed to offend the furry/manga chatters until they left. Or it could be even simpler than that – it could just be meant to throw you off the trail of their real motives.

    I don’t think these poor creatures will ever stop on their own unless “their internet” is the way they want it to be (fat chance of that). And it’s all too easy to launch DDoS attacks – just search for “low-orbit ion cannon” on Google. If I were you, Nash, I’d just put my head down and focus on ways to ward off DDoS attacks in general.

    • They are doing some code updates on the flashy chat for us, and it is taking longer than expected for the to add our new modules and then get the service restarted. Hopefully it will go through it’s reboot process and be back online in the next couple of hours. Fingers crosssed our new features are added and work as we plan them too!

      • The only way you will ever stop attacks is to deny access to russia, india, and every asian country at the root .htaccess level with a redirect to some other site. I had this same problem with people hacking the Joomla! sites I build and run. All hacking attacks like this come from those regions. Have you cinsidered Joomla! for your site/chat platform? Its much easier to use and run for projects such as this.

        • Yes we have considered joomla several times. We had a test server running it a while back, and I like what joomla has become over the years. We will likely run some more testing with that this year. We are looking into multiple ways to split traffic to various places from various sources – but that starts to become an issue where the free speech of the internet starts to become very divided, and cordoned off in a way that starts to get into some of our other principals – so we have tried to avoid taking that route entirely. Funny thing is, these attacks publicly try to say that the are all about the people, and free speech, and things like that – then they attack services that provide free speech if some use the communication methods of the internet to talk about things that don’t like. So now it’s not the pot calling the kettle black, the it’s the pot becoming blacker than the kettle.

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