shutting down the free chat rooms for good

I have decided to shut down the free chat rooms permanently.

This has not been an easy decision, but today something happened that made me decide to give up on it. After spending an immense amount of time and money trying to keep this system running, and battling so many issues, I found that someone decided to come in and share a hidden link that would provide a “full screen” direct access version of our chat. This is in violation of our terms of service. It is also against the CFAA law.

It’s bad enough that I have to fight with so many other things – but when our regular users decide to use methods to steal from us – fuck it.

I am shutting down the chat server, and will not be bringing it back online.

Blog post at SCSC: the official farewell to the old free sex chat rooms system.

It was fun for a while, but I am done.

Hugs to all the cool people I met, and here’s a middle finger fuck you to those who made it a difficult journey.

FYI – anyone that had used this nefarious link to our chat in the past has already seen the complete forbidden access info and already knows –

Accessing the chat via the hidden url causes several issues. Users will miss important announcements that are posted on the site pages, we lose the stats counting ability that allows us to tailor our systems for a better user experience, and it costs us money, as advertisers see less page views in our site stats.

It’s really pretty simple – if we have no usage stats to prove to advertisers that we get a certain amount of page views and time spent on our site, then we lose ad revenue. If we lose ad revenue, and no one is willing to pay our bills, then we have no web site – and then you have no place to chat here.

So you can thank the assholes that continue to use and share methods for minimizing the ad displays – you all were the straw that broke this camels back.

48 responses

  1. Nash I am so sad to hear this, I thank you for all the time you have put into the site also I thank you for giving me the chance to meet so many good people and also the faith shown in me in making me a mod.

  2. I am so sorry Nash , i am still willing to make a substantial donation if there is anything more to carry on with… We have hit rock bottom… Please don’t give up Nash… We need you… Busty

  3. nash, i am so sorry. you and your chat rooms are a godsend. if there is anyway for us users to help please just say. thank you for all your hard work ……..sugar

  4. omg…:(
    Dear Steve…. this makes me so sad. This chat brought me back to life. I had already given up on myself, but you and your chat practically saved me. I met a lot of wonderful people. You included.. It breaks my heart.
    But I do understand how you feel. I feel so sorry for you. – and for us.
    Should I not have the opportunity to see you again – please be well. Thank you for everything you did, all the effort you put in – all your private time and the money you spent.
    These selfish people destroyed my second home. My family- and my comfort zone.
    I hope they will get what they deserve.

    I will miss all of you terribly…. 😦

    ladylikes™ Nanks thash (TallOneslady)

    • The old chat is definitely down permanently.

      The “new chat” is good for another 10 days – and during that time I need to make some decisions about whether or not to keep paying for it, will it get the bugs fixed, etc.

      The flashy chat should be good for the next year – and will get some upgrades in about a week – it will get a new feature where users can upload custom avatars.

      Not sure about other factors at this time. There are many more things that I have been working on – but my motivation is at an all time low at the moment. I am tired of fighting all this crap, and to think I would need to fight with some of our main users over ad displays and visitor statistics – seriously – that has brought my motivation to an all time low.

      Creating and running these chat services is a lot of work in the backend, and lately it has just cost me a lot of time, and a lot of money. I have projects sitting on my desk waiting to be finished will put money in my pocket – so I am off to work on those before I lose another client due to being so far behind with servers and such.

      • Nash, dude i want to thank you for everything you have done, im sorry that you had to go through this, Take care, i wish you could keep the cite up.

      • Certainly can understand why your motivation would be at an all time low. I’m sure you need a well deserved break from all this mess. People who still really need to connect have that availability through the chats, whether or not they like the system…so take care of you. Step back. Gain some perspective, and rest. Do something you find really relaxing and fun this weekend and don’t think about “us”. So many of us appreciate all you have done and are grateful for your fight and I think we’d all respect your need to step back for a bit. Be encouraged. You are respected and well thought of.

      • Awwwwww sad to hear that the sites are going down.. I wish there was something that can be done to change your mind. But I understand where you are coming from at the same time.. Take Care Nash you have been very wonderful to us all. We appreciate how hard you have tried for us! HUGS!!

  5. oh man nash…you have done so much to help us…please dont give up. I didnt know anything about this and didnt use it . most of us didnt …please

  6. Nash, i’m so sorry. its really annoying alll these attacks.
    please don’t shut down new chat. i find it easier to use then flashy chat.
    please chat don’t shut it down please please
    all of us can’t be with out the site. its a lifesaver

  7. Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience on this Nash! Such a shame you’ve been put through so much when trying to be so selfless against those who represent such extreme selfishness. Hopefully there is at least a little light on the horizon and the chat can live on and keep the community together.

  8. Hey, Steve,
    I completely understand where you are coming from. And, the regs using the un-authorized link SUCKS. Hell, I think I saw that link a long time ago, tested it, and forgot it. Damned shame. But, you all can thank yourselves for wearing it all out. Nice job, bums.
    For all you others who want the system to remain, I would challenge you put any where from a one time, small donation to a larger, monthly subscription into the hat. I am more than willing to toss a not insignificant amount in the hat. Who else is with me?
    Once again, thank you to all those who continued to use the un-authorized link. I would completely support Nash banning all of you if he ever brought the old site back up. Hell, I hope he bans you all from any of his free sites.
    Dale – aka BigTex™©(Str8-M-55)

    • I am with you , Dale, absolutely. I have no clue what link you and Steve are talking about, but if some regs really are the cause for this mess now – I have no words. I suggested to Steve to put up a donation account and I am sure a lot of chatmates would gladly donate whatever they are able to give. Every amount would help, even if it was only small. I understand Steve’s reaction and I feel so sorry. But I hope, I really hope that if we all show him, how willing we are to support him – and ourselves – with a donation, he will consider his decision.
      It would really break my heart if our little loving community would fall victim to some wretched, selfish and pathetic individuals….

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I found this site when i was at a really low point in my life and i needed to know i wasn’t alone in the world. this has really became a family for me, and i’ve dealt with a lot of hard issues because i had some place where i felt like people talked to me and i had fun role playing with everyone. Assholes suck. unfortunately they’re everywhere.

  10. I won’t even lie. I’m one of those bums (Troll uses ad-free link go figure) To be fair until recent I didn’t know it was “illegal”, but oh well shit happens. Life will go on for most. Hopefully you have whoever you need to talk to on something else as well. Good luck in life you non-trolls, and sorry for “ruining” it for you. Take care everyone.

  11. You’ve done your best Nash and really I would have done the same thing. You put so many hours to keep it up for minutes at a time. Even if a minority are using that wrongly, there are still a majority of us who still want to keep in touch and talk to everyone. I’m not a big fan of Flashy chat and the other one is good too…

    You should just think about maybe keeping that one up longer. Punish the majority for the minority… eh? We all should appreciate the hard work you’ve been putting in and hell, go do your other work. But just take the time to consider the ones who do want to still be here and support you no matter what. 🙂

    Thank you for everything you’ve done. xx

  12. Damn Nash I’m so sorry to hear everything you’ve been putting up with. I’m gonna miss the room but I don’t blame you. There are some real assholes out here. I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of your hard work and money spent to keep us in touch with eachother. I don’t know if you even know who I am..but I was the old reg with the nic “Butterfly”. Thank you so much and good luck to you. Maria Baker Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 23:13:30 +0000

  13. Thank you for everything, I have met so many good people here and I’ve made more mistakes than I would like to admit, but this was home. Be well everyone.

  14. Nash for all the hard work you done I thank you,I will miss you and all my friends,you busted your ass for us and it took a few to mess that up for us,take care of yourself,and get the rest you truly deserve,I thank you again..sℯxybloηdℯ

  15. It makes me sad that it has come to this Nash. I’ve made some great friends here. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for all of us and I’m so sorry it has come to this.

  16. Oh, Nash… this is such sad news… but I completely undertand your frustration… I wish there was something we could do to help…. Makes me so mad that bad people always win…. Thanks soooo much for all you have done to keep this up and running.. Hopefully karma will get this people in the end…. Im seriously going to miss this place… ;( So sad….

  17. Nash, thanks for everything you’ve done. I hope you will reconsider if possible. Unfortunately, all I would be able to afford at this point is $10 a month, but I’d be willing to pay to keep the site around.

    • 36 – OF course I can’t get this off my mind – so I still think about ways to make it happen.

      For all these years I have not asked any of our chatters for money, and I have never wanted to. I merely asked that we follow some fairly easy to follow terms and rules. One of those rules is not trying to eliminate, and certainly not to tell others how to eliminate ads on our site. When people started using the hidden url to do this, they started stealing – when they started sharing this with others they were teaching others how to steal from us.

      It’s not just ads begin displayed, as I mentioned on the several warning (forbidden) pages to those who have been doing it – when that happens our server does not record page view stats – this leads to many problems for us. Our stats then show less page views that we actually have – it’s like a magazine or newspaper having a circulation of million readers a month, but only showing a percentage of that – that is a problem for many reasons.

      I am still considering ways I could make the old chat work – but in all honesty I do not see it happening. Each possible solution has down sides. It will never be the same. If we went to registered or paid members only, it would lose it’s popularity and would not be as much fun.

      With all the attacks we have had on our chat systems I have had to spend an extra couple thousand out of my own pocket, and an immense amount of time. After all this work I now find out that if we want web hosting that will handle these kinds of attacks, it is going to cost $4000 per month. There is no way I can afford that. I was trying to find ways to make it happen – then I was slapped in the face with people who use our services telling others how to get around the ads we have. Even after making an offer to work with people for custom sized pages, less sex pages, lighter / faster loading, less explicit pages – and all those people who read that warning, none of them came clean about working on a different version or anything.

      Anyhow, the little bit of motivation that I had left to work on solutions for getting the old chat back up is spent. I doubt there is going to be enough financial support from the community to raise four grand a month to keep the free chat going, and I am not even asking for it. At this point there may be enough support to keep the new chat and flashy chat going – just those basic services are costing me about $300 per month – and that is without the work that is involved in running them.

      I am still considering ideas – but I felt I needed to be honest with everyone and let them know that there is no realistic way for us to bring the old chat back. Unless someone turns in the people who are behind all these attacks, we can’t afford to keep going. With people using our services and sharing ways to steal them, it doesn’t make sense for me to reach out to new sponsors or anything, I already know that search is going to come up short – and the funny thing is – if all the people who were using our chat actually did so suing the pages we created, we might be able to show enough page views that we could eek out enough from some sponsors to offset the cost of the more expensive web servers – that in combination with some donations, we might have been able to make ti through this attack thing.

      But honestly now, our page views are much less than they were before all these attacks started happening, our money is going down, our expenses have gone through the roof, I have ditches so many other projects to work on this one, and I simply can not afford it any longer. The financial, the physical, and emotional cost for me is already too high. The collateral damage to the other web sites that we host is unacceptable as well.

      I am not trying to stop everyone from chatting and communicating – I am giving the warning that we can not do things any longer the way we have for the past so many years. It’s unfortunate, as I really liked our old setup. Things must change.

      If people find other places to chat and hang out I will gladly post them on the backup plans page – to help the community continue to communicate and thrive. At this point it is in my best interest financially, physically and mentally to let all this go. When a labor of love becomes so costly, making the tougher choice to let something go is the right choice.

      I don’t know, that’s some random thoughts I guess. luckily my advil is kicking in. I still have not slept much, maybe if I had some rest I would have some more ideas or words of wisdom or something.

      • Nash
        It breaks my heart that some people do these bad things to good people like you… thanks so much for all your work.. just take care of yourself first. As much as we love this site, you have to take care of your health and work first… Hope things work themselves out and the site can stay open… it is really a great place to be. I know my thanks may not mean much, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • I feel for you, Steve. I honestly do. I am so sorry. 😦
        Please find some rest for your mind and body and take care of yourself.

  18. Nash, you held it together for all of us for so long, it is so appreciated by so many and will be missed by so many as well. Had become a family for me. I found this site looking for security and a way to stay hidden. Met some amazing people in here and many some awesome friends as well that kept me coming back. We laughed and cried and played together. Thank you thank you sooo very much for all you went thru and tolerated on our behalf. Will miss this very much.

    Will the peeps pages remain open as a way to stay in contact with friends?


    • yes, the Sex Chat Peeps social network section will remain open.

      However if the site gets attacked more, I will likely just shut that entire site down at this point. When that site gets attacked it hurts the other web sites that share the same web server. As much as I like offering an open and free place for free speech and communication, there comes a point when I can not afford the cost.

      So I think the sex chat peeps is a great way to stay in touch, but there is not guarantee that I will be able to keep it going. With less visitors, there is less ad money. It can not stand another attack, the other web sites we host will pull their hosting at that point, we would have to shut down the entire web server at that point.

  19. Nash, I’m sorry to hear. Had some wonderful times and met some wonderful people on your chat(s) and appreciate all the time and effort you put into keeping them up and running. You’re a champ. Too bad that this had to happen so soon after the the (continuing) attacks on your server. Goodluck with your future endeavors, and hoping a better solution than shutting down arises.

  20. It is a shame to see this site go. I found this a few years back and met a lot of good people on the site. I heard from a friend of mine that it had been under attack and hoped whoever did it would just go away. I’d just like to say thanks to those who kept it running this long. This site use to be a safe haven for people to come together and talk freely. In fact, its cause of this chatroom that I have met the love of my life. So here’s a salute to all of the old regs who made this place special.

    – Outback Joe

  21. Nash,
    I really hate to hear this..some people just SUCK! Thank you for working so hard to try to get the old site back up and running. Like so many here I have made some great friends and for that I’m very grateful. You’ve connected people from all over the world who would never have met otherwise, friendships have been created that will last a lifetime. That’s something I know all the regs appreciate very much!

    I hope somehow it all works out, but if not I want to thank you for all of your efforts…In the meantime I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  22. Nash,

    There are no words to describe my gratitude to you for all the time and resources you have poured into this place. It breaks my heart to see people taking such horrible advantage of you.

    I wish that you would at least consider opening up a way for us to make some sort of donation to you. Even if you decide not to continue on, I feel you deserve some sort of thanks from us, or at least, me. I want so badly to help in any way that I can, yet I feel helpless. Please, let us give you whatever we can.

    There are so many good people that chat. Please don’t forget about us in light of these assholes who decide to take advantage. I’m sure that we, as a family, will do whatever you require of us.

    With all my love,

  23. Nash,
    you did such and amazing job giving us these back up sites. I thank you for that. I’ll miss everyone here, I hope in time we can all return. I’ll do what ever needs to be done. Thank you for all your hard work.

  24. Nash,
    This is real loss for all of us, but especially you and everything you have tried to do to keep things going. I just wish there was some way to find the people who continued the attacks and also for people to understand what is needed to keep a site going, such as advertising dollars.
    I appreciate everything you have done and appreciate all the people I have met on sexchatsexchat.
    Thank you for everything. If there is anything I can do , just ask!!

  25. Nash,

    Thanks for all your work and efforts. I’ve met some wonderful and sexy folk here and will miss SCSC. Hopefully we’ll all keep in touch through the flashy chat at least.


  26. Ha! After taking a much needed break, I return to find out that sexchat is gone. Sad, but the experience has been majorly exhilarating. Good luck Nash and, thank you for providing such a wonderful medium for me to make great acquaintances – and of course your hard work is greatly appreciated as well.

    Femme Fatale ❤

  27. I hadn’t been keeping up with the backup plan blog, but just read today, 3 days later, about the old site shut permanently. I, with the rest, am sad to see it go. Also, in my opinion, new-chat was better and easier to use than flashy-chat, but have seen new-chat is doomed as well. As I write this, however, I am unable to get into any scsc site. For those who became more than friends, and you know who you are, I thank you. Many from the old site never made the transition to the new sites and I won’t be able to bid them farewell. Thank you Nash for everything, for trying to hold things together for us, for all your sweat and tears, all your and our frustrations, and for having to deal with idiots.

  28. You did what you had to do Nash. As history has shown us (Napoleon, Hitler and King George) fighting a battle that has multiple and expansive battlefields will lead to certain defeat. It is one thing to have external forces (hackers) attacking you from the outside in but it is an entirely different experience to have that attack coming from INSIDE your camp. Betrayal, disappointment, disrespect and melancholy are all completely acceptable feelings that Nash must be experiencing right now. People just do not understand the importance of Adsense and see it as annoying photos that pester them to do something thus they try to find a way around it. I know I made sure my ADBLOCK was off and even used IE (as much as I HATE IT) to make sure I was not cutting off the revenue in anyway. I fully support your decision and though I will sorely miss the friends and acquaintances I made on here it is something that just HAS to be done. Maybe, we can come up with a way to have a forum or chat for one day or week so we can all exchange info or something of that nature (maybe that exists already if so lets make a official meet up time or something). As much as it PAINS me to say this, If I were you Nash, I would not even bother putting myself through that emotional ringer again unless I was DAMNED sure what happened this past month would never happen again! This has gotten to the point where the juice is just NOT worth the squeeze and it is goddamn shame it had to happen in the fashion it did. I know, if Nash does keep some freechat open out of the kindness of his heart I will do everything imaginable to be apart of that solution and treat it with the respect it deserves, Good luck with everything Nash and encase I do not see yeah again.. “Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night” ! – HardW

  29. Sorry to hear the news Nash, but I can fully understand and sympathize with you. It must be hellish frustrating when assholes like this keep destroying all the hard work that you do to keep the site running. Maybe one day the site can be resurrected, but I for one will not be keeping my fingers crossed. To all those assholes that have caused this I hope you are all proud of yourselves and I hope your comps get infected with the worst viruses going and fuck up!!!
    Rant over!

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