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We’ve been so busy working on so many things I never got back here to post an update since our last post about cshutting down the OC (old chat / original chat system) – Well most everyone knows we did decide to bring the OC back online. After much debate I decided that those regular users of our system should not be suffering due to the abuse of a few.

I think I got the point across, and enough people settled down from the bull shit and learned more about our terms of service, so taking down the old chat option for a while was helpful in that regard and others.

We also got lots of feedback about the new cams chat system were / are working with. This led to a long list of things that we should do in the future. We have spent a great deal of time working on some new chat system options and trying to incorporate the best features of the old chat and the new chat, and trying to create a couple of new hybrid systems.

Some users had a chance to preview our new mv-chat system on April 19th / April 20th – and we got some good feedback there too.

Thanks to everyone that has stuck around through thick and thin and provided feedback on things we are doing well and things we should improve on in the future!

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