More connection options for keeping up with scsc

We have been pretty busy with lots of backend stuff for – creating more avenues for connecting with scsc in various portals, and testing out some new options for furthering connections on site and with various chat rooms options as well. We have established a presence at various portals around the web that some of our users have been using in order to offer more options for communicating events such as new features, and to provide information through third party services when our site or chat rooms go down. Over the years we have been adding more options for users to get in touch with us, and we have some other new goodies coming for a full on public launch in the near future as well.


We established a twitter account for sexchatsexchat here. This should make it easy for people to keep up with blog posts, site news, and to communicate with use when the site is down. We jump to twitter to check for any internet disruptions with our hosting providers, and will start to provide information there if people start to follow that twitter account. Currently we post info about the chat rooms going down on the chat room connections / issues page here. Although once in a blue moon that page will not be accessible, so we figured twitter is a good options since many of our users already have accounts there, and twitter should be up and running even if our main web server goes offline. Twitter also makes it easy for us to keep up with things when using our cell phone for net connections. We will not be flooding this twitter account with lots of stupid spam or anything, so don’t expect to get updates about when we are getting dressed up (or naked for that matter!) – or who the latest cyber whore of the day is. The tweets will be fairly sparse, so they won’t clog up your twitter feed.

We also have a new google plus page for scsc. Our google plus page will make it easier for people to contact us if they are logged into their google account on a regular basis. There will be updates posted there when we add new you tube video and such as well. I am not sure how much we will or can do with the google plus thing at this time. Google is getting weird when it comes to adult stuff, and as of right now, if you go to our google plus page, it looks there is not much to see there. However if you are logged into your google account you can see much more.

sex chat sexchat google plus when not logged in

our google plus when not logged in

I am not exactly sure why this is setup this way, probably because we have the word sex on our page. scsc-youtubeIt is kind of lame, as we are not sharing any kind of graphic stuff with the google plus thing, and you will certainly find much dirtier things on youtube game channels and MTV for that matter – but it is what it is. I never thought google plus was going to be the next myspace, and apparently they don’t want to be adult topic friendly in any way. I could be wrong, there could be some weird setting that I am missing, I had tons of confusion over the whole google account / youtube account BS, and trudged through enough to get them setup in case people want to connect with us there, or want to watch upcoming videos through a youtube app or something. So we have a you tube channel now as well, with a video, and I have a couple more videos to add there in the near future as well, as soon as we edit them down so there is no nipples showing!

scsc google plus when logged into google account

scsc google plus when logged into google account

If enough of our regular users actual friend us via the google plus, I will try to check on messages through there, so I’m going to leave that up to the community. At this time I am not a big fan of the privacy sharing that google has been involved with, so it would not surprise me if others would prefer one of the other portals we are available at instead. We’ll see. I really liked the idea google had with the whole “circles thing” – where you could put certain contacts in a “work content” circle, some in a “family circle” and some in “naughty friends” circle, etc. I had always thought that all the social networks should move towards groups like this, and I am surprised that more people did not jump into the google social network just for the ease of separating stuff you share… however they made a big mistake with auto-siphoning contacts at point and outing some people’s friends to others or something, and I think people want to keep things more separated entirely, not trusting the all knowing google to know everything you share with your intimate friends, it’s bad enough they have records of all your intimate searches!

Speaking of videos and nipples…

sex chat sexchat sharing videos via vimeo

sex chat sexchat sharing videos via vimeo

I really like what vimeo is doing with their video sharing network. It’s like you tube, and not so prude. Kind of how myspace was way back in the day. You can see videos we share at vimeo that have nipples and nudes!

Update on vimeo – 7-18-2014 – Apparently vimeo does not like scsc. Even though our videos appeared to be “not-too-naughty” – they clicked over to our site and decided that they won’t host our videos there. So our videos have been pulled from vimeo and we are now showcasing them on the scsc site news / blog.

Nothing too hardcore there, but it’s nice to have some gratuitous nudity once in a while without worrying about the g-censors who rule the yt!

Speaking of networks that do not censor you for posting a picture with some nipples or nudity, tumblr has long been one of our favorites. It’s gone through a few changes with it’s recent acquisition by yahoo – notably most of the nude and hardcore pictures and videos that everyone shares there are not searchable by default. You have to click some setting to disable safe search, and you may have to registered and login there to do that, I can’t remember if that is the default now, or if you can just change settings without logging in. Keeping up with the changes with all these portals is a pain in the ass, and not the good kind! Anyhow, we have a new tumblr blog for sex chat sexchat here. This main blog thing is not going to showcase any graphic sex, but it is a place that people can see some sexy posts and click over to some of our sexy friends that have created tumblr pages. You can also submit pictures and stories to us there, so it’s kind of nifty.

sex chat sexchat tumblr posts

sex chat sexchat tumblr pages

Hey we’ve got a blogger / blogspot setup now for those of you who share and connect through that portal as well. We will try to hook up with everyone in the various places that you already have an account with so it will be easier for you to follow the goings on with scsc, and to share with us what you think about what we have going on. So look for other places to connect with us in the near future. We have several more big updates coming very soon! Let me know in the comments, or send me a private message if you think we should post new stuff on another portal that you regularly use. Personally I like to suck in the rss feed of the sex chat sexchat blog – it makes it easy for me to keep up with sites just using an rss feed reader. I used to use netvibes and pageflakes for that, and used the “myyahoo” for rss updates of my favorite sites a while back. I know google killed it’s popular feed reader that many people were using for a while. These days I am pretty impressed with the “taptu app” for phones and tablets for these kind of things. I have no idea what apple / iphone / ipad / ipod people use for this, I assume there is a built “app for that” – since at one time this kind of auto-downloading of new info from your favorites places that offered rss feeds was called podcasting.

Wow this post got a little longer than I thought it was going to be, and I did not even get to the parts with the upcoming updates to scsc and the new chat rooms, and.. well I guess that will be another post.

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    • It is kind of funny the back and forth that these other portals go through. It seems that user curated content always leads to sex, then some of these portals start to censor and limit sex (some much more than others!) – then they start to lose a lot of visitors… some back track and open up more, and some don’t. I think blogspot right now is going through a phase where you can post all the hardcore porn and sex you want, so long as your blog has a “pop up” that warns visitors it is adult content and they have to click on it. They may be doing some restrictions on sex blogs that are used purely to promote affiliate content for sex sites, I read something about that a while back.

      I think our blogspot is marked as adult content, although it’s certainly not a porn blog.

      Reminds me of a quote posted on our tumblr today:

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