Changes of end 2016

Our “new chat” is getting long in the tooth – it’s reaching a point where we don’t know if it’s going to be able to be up and running much longer. Unless a couple of major things happen before Jan 30 – we will have to pull the plug on the NC more than likely.

The Old Chat is Back

It’s a long story – but the old chat is back online. For now. It might be only temporary, but given the issues we’ve been having with the NC and since the MV chat system has not gotten it’s added features yet – it seemed like a nice thing to do.

You can read more about how we ended up getting the Old Chat / Original Chat back here.

Shaping the Future Chats

We are looking towards the future as we look to the past. Looking back, it’s been an interesting journey, and we have made it through so much. Looking forward we see more and more people chatting than ever – but more and more people are using smartphones and camera apps to chat and share it seems.

We’d like our users to chime in on how they are using things to chat with by selecting some things in our 2016 user poll here.

We have a newer chat system we’ve been working on, and it has some cool features that people are likely starting to expect. It’s not quite “there” yet / ready for public testing, but it’s getting close. The great thing about this new chat is that it’s built with some very modern ‘tech stacks’ – it’s not using ancient code bases like the OC or NC systems which depend on people having the flash player for example, and it has leaner / faster tech under the hood / in the backend – so I’m looking forward to getting this new system out for everyone to test out as soon as possible.

Prepping for the future I hope to see ya’ll there.



3 responses

  1. Nash,

    Keelie here, all are scrambling for answers to OC being down and no way to see an update from you. Any chance you could update it here and i would be more than happy to pass it on.

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