is sexchatsexchat down? 4-2-2017

Looks like it has been down for a while. Our web servers data center has suffered some kind of power outage and they have a team of people working to get it all fixed.


As soon as I turned on my phone when leaving a show downtown I got an email from Tex saying our chats were down. I found that quite odd – as these systems have double backups to keep them going. Well double backups only work when there is electricity powering them – and we have found out how long our servers can run on the battery backups they have now – not long enough it seems!

I am told that multiple teams are working on the power issue and getting our servers back online. Could be a few more minutes or a few hours, but I do not anticipate days of downtime or anything.

In the meantime – some of our systems at are functional – so you can meet up with some of the regulars there. The profiles and perhaps the ‘new chat’ and the flashy chat may still be online. I am having a tough time checking, as the system I am on right now is not letting the flash player run to see.

Oh technology how I love and hate thee.  Sometimes at the same time.

I also posted a bit about this on our twitter thing –

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