Backup plans

I have been working on multiple backup plans in case these attacks do not stop.

Edit – Aug 20 – 2013 – Looks like we have some more problems with our web hosting network. So the chat has been down for over an hour now, not sure if it will get back up and running tonight or tomorrow or not. Our web host is suggesting we move to a more expensive plan that we can not afford at the moment. In the meantime we are working on some other updates to the sex chat site, and considering some updates to the rules as well.

In the meantime our new chat test program may be up and running for some people in some parts of the world.

Edit – Feb 11 -12 – After moving to a new protected web server, our new system was attacked and shut down again.  Sigh.

Edit Feb 12 – 5:15pm CST – I have decided to permanently shut down the free chat rooms for good.

Edit – Feb 6- I have no idea why these stupid attacks continue against our chat system.

Jan 23 – 2013 10:56pm CST –

Alright peeps, let’s test this new system – Sex Chat Space New Chat (test on version1)

Jan 25 – 2013 – 3:26am CST – Backup plan number two – test two – now online – sex chat space opens sexy flashy chat

I have several things already under way, and I will post them here as they get online and functioning.

So bookmark this page, and check back here later. If we continue to get attacked I will post the places that our community will be able to continue to find each other.

Jan 23 – 2013 – 8:12pm CST –

Back up / Alternates plan 1 – finished compiling… working on final setup now..

Backup 2 – compiled and testing – not working the way I had hoped. Hmm.. still an option to consider however.. more info soon!

Jan 23 – 2013 – 9:20 pm  CST – note to Nole – please do not attack my backup plan before we have had a chance to discuss things more. I think we may have some consensus on some things.

Jan 23 – 2013 – 9:35pm CST – the backup test looks like our launch is set for a go! I have to run out for some more espresso before starbucks closes, then we may be able to go live and test!

Jan 23 – 2013 10:56pm CST –

Alright peeps, let’s test this new system – Sex Chat Space New Chat (test on version1)

Jan 25 – 2013 – 3:26am CST – Backup plan number two – test two – now online – sex chat space opens sexy flashy chat

Next Phase – Hidden, coming soon. 😉


139 responses

  1. hey Nash how about putting in a create room feature where we can name it anything we want? the one that was in new chat didn’t allow too many words 😦 its really hot fun when u can invite users for something of your exact choice…

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  3. Nash, since presently both old chat and new-chat are down, would it be possible to at least create another room in flashy-chat, a porn share room? There are many that would use the room and the room can be created in the other 2 sites, just not flashy-chat. Just something to consider. Thanks

  4. LOL Can’t i just chat with all o those sexy boys in there im an american and i really need a strong,sexy&lovable boys who r ready to do anything for a hot chic like me of course some people call me Avril Lavigne because im like her in everything but my name is Belle Kristen Swan

  5. Ok a couple of thoughts here. First off Nash I used to be a long time user on the old site, I’m so sorry to hear of the troubles. Second, since we are unable to block those who pm that have not registered, is there a way for you to not make it possible for those users to pm? because I find I’m getting flooded with no recourse. I would like to say I like the pop up pm box though, that is a nice addition 🙂

    Thank you for your consideration…..

    Julia 24

    • Great suggestion! Had not thought about that setting – I just changed the settings and posted a message about this in the “new chat” – This should make it more enjoyable for the women who have been plagued by the pm floods!

  6. I hope that Flashy Chat and New Chat won’t become the main sex chat because in my opinion they’re both quite terrible and aren’t nearly as good as the original system. I’ve been a long time user for the old chat and I’m defiantly ready to get back underway.



      • Something strange must be occurring than because every time I come to Java Chat it brings me to a page that says, “We are working on some core code updates for our original chat system. In the meantime we are inviting all of our regular users to check out some new sex chat rooms options we are testing, we are encouraging feedback about these backup chat options from everyone”. I’ve been seeing this sense my last comment which was on February 10th, 2013.



        • Yeah – we had a relaunch, then some more problems – so we had to revert back to out code update messages – and have moved most of the community over the the “new chat” system. We are in the process of some more upgrades – and may being back things to how they were.. perhaps next week.

  7. Hey Nash, I have not been able to access any of the 3 chats tonight. Are they all down now, or is it just my connection? Have the attacks continued/gotten worse?


  8. WTF is goin on? like seriously! ull keep briniging back and removing the old chat! makin us happy and then suddenly ripping our hearts out!!!

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    • rav – I appreciate your opinion, however your lack of specific details does not give me much to go on. What exactly are the issues that you think are total shit?

      Our old home for sex chat was not built in one day, in fact it went through many updates over many years. This “new chat” site was not intended to become the new main chat portal, it was setup a couple years ago to act as a staging ground for testing different chat systems and other things before they were brought to our main site. If you think it bothers you so much that your statement requires 10 explanation marks, try to think how I feel about it? After building and updating something for almost a decade only to have to have it made unavailable by nefarious assholes who constantly attack our systems – ha! You think you are mad about?! Try jumping into these shoes for a few minutes! Maybe I should add 9 more explanation marks to that, but I do not believe that would eve begin to express the feelings that I have about the situation.

      Anyhow, as I mentioned on the site here, and on the sex chat space site, I am looking for feedback from the users. The more specifics I get the better. There are some things I am already slated to work on to make them better, and once in a while I get some feedback about something that I was completely unaware of. So it’s important that everyone shares specifics about what they like to don’t like so I can look at as many issues as possible when considering what to work on next.

        • horny4 – yes it was necessary to test the relaunch of our old chat system, and that test was a great success for about 4 hours. Then it was attacked by haters again and shut down for a while, then I found some of our regular users abusing the chat by sharing with others how to minimize the ads displayed, so I decided to shut down the old chat system server permanently.

          You can read about the decision to shut down the old chat forever here:

          and here:

          The short answer is that you can not expect it back ever – we have stopped development of the old chat and do not have any plans to bring it back to life in the future.

          We are now focused on other systems that are more difficult to attack, and will now be focused on systems that embed advertisements directly into the chat systems, rather then depending on sidebar displayed ads for revenue.

          We will also be looking into bringing some more premium / paid options in the near future as well.

          • ok then but can we at least have a “create your own room” option like in the old chat in this new one? that’s the only thing im looking for

            • yes registered users in the “new chat” can create their own rooms, that options appears in the far left bottom of the chat, under the rooms list. It is not possible to create your own rooms in the flashy chat however.

      • Nash, o.k. i take your point and i’m real sorry I’m just frustrated that the site isn’t like it used to be.You really MUST ensure the “create your own room”option is available as this is where i used to get a lot of activity. Also, can you get the password room option back asa it’s great to get down and dirty without getting interupted. Keep up the great work

  10. simple answer then rav …stop visiting! I am getting so frustrated with those who are knocking the work Nash is doing. I dont think I have spoken with anyone who loves all the changes but most like at least one new feature. If you dont like it thats fine its your choice. Perhaps keep your negative comments to yourself!
    x Hot

    • Wow I love when sexy women stand up for themselves and offer a smart and honest opinion. Nash Is doing the best he can and I think all should appreciate the things he is trying to do to keep the site up. Basically If I was nash I would tell you to suck on my Ass till my head caves in.

  11. For Nash primarily, but also to/for those with similar problem. With new-chat down at the moment, 7:40pm CST, I tried to get into flashy-chat. I could only get to the home page where it says “You might need to get Adobe Flash, and probably Java to view this webpage.” Well, I already have both so am I therefore unable to access any scsc site now?

    • It seems like our new chat and flashy chat may be under some kind of DDoS attack. Not sure at the moment, and no idea why they would be attacking us yet again. I am looking into the issue.

  12. So far i am loving the new chat site. It is frustriating that it seems to be a little hit and miss with it’s availabilty, but that may be something you are working on. Love the size of the chat window, love the private message windows, love the way its so easy to block obnoxious pm’ers and the people who complain about having to register – get over it. I also really love how you can upload pictures into the private message windows. All in all Nash, I think you are doing a fantastic job. Curretnly I can’t gain access to either the New Chat space or the Flashy Chat space. I keep telling myself not to panic, “Nash has your back”!

    • Hey hotFt. this hit or miss thing is seriously frustrating. We are working on it for sure.

      Glad to hear some feedback on what is good and what needs improvement with the new systems we are testing!

      It does appear there is a connection problem for everyone with both chat systems right now. I have no idea why there would be an issue with both of them.

      Time to get the backup backup backup plans going it seems.

  13. The chat systems are having some technical difficulties. We do not know why it is being attacked, but we are working to fix the chats, and working on establishing another functional backup plans soon as well.

    In the meantime, here is a free sex cam to check out from our friends at Chaturbate. – To change to next chaturbate room, use “Ctrl /” (Hold down ctrl and hit / (next to the shift key) this is all i keep getting

  14. New-chat won’t let me stay connected. Every minute or so I get disconnected and have to reconnect. I get back in but only to have this repeat. Anyone else?

  15. Nash, you need to evolve the new chat site. I’m sorry but this new one is shit. So laggy and slow, horrible ugly layout. I understand that you are trying but this is shit, okay bye, good luck x

    • yes, the new chat will be evolving. We plan to work on the layout and colors and such in March, once all of our code updates to the core of the program have been added. When it gets laggy, I suggest people log out, then hold down shift while clicking refresh / reload, or shift and click F5 – this will clear the browser cache and that seems to fix the lag for most people at this time. This is something else that we will be working on in this near future.

  16. I am having issues with the new chat. It’s telling Me I need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to use the chat. I already had the latest version, I thought. But I figured I’d redownload anyway, just to see if that worked. It did not. It still gives Me the “need to download latest flash player” prompt, despite the fact that I used the link provided in the prompt to do just that.

  17. hey Nash i know you can create your own room in the new chat but you can’t name the room whatever you want like in the old one. it says room name is not valid. and there are now sound alert options for anyone entering

  18. hey the old chat is back on the same site as the new one on a tab name “original tab”. how come there are so few visitors though. i thought there would be all coming back and filling up the rooms

  19. when i use the original chat it has a habit of disconnecting me from the intenet which can be SO frustrating!

    any idea why?

    Thanks so much


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