Feedback – QnA new chat test one

This is a place holder for feedback on our new chat test one

Sex Chat Space New Chat

(Test one, Version One)

Questions, feedback  – possible answers..


46 responses

  1. 13 in name issue being worked on – it’s a software bug.

    in order to mic talk you need to be in the right room, and have to hold down the talk button with your mouse to talk.. (or click hands free)

    No way to do “actions”

    Settings for ignore pms / mic options missing or confusing.

    Some trouble with logins for some people after registering I think.

  2. I am having trouble with several things: keeping the whole chat window on screen rather than scrolling; too much color and the background. Light background is much easier on the eyes; fonts are TOO small and it’s a pain to have to do A+ in every window every time. Default fonts should be bigger

  3. my problem is that i cant get the whole chat window on screen
    so have to keep scrolling to see things like the eraser… also everything is WAY TOO
    SMALL…. i am having trouble reading what i am typing until i post it

    • please please please…cant get the whole l’st on my netbook…cant scroll down…can get on regular laptop….alphabet’cal would solve my problem

  4. so far, everything is pretty awesome, I especially like how much easier it is to post an avatar of yourself as opposed to the old method, however I do miss the old method of IM’s being lined up alongside the main chat

  5. The only real issue i have with the new layout is the screen color. i can’t use my old font color on it. lol. but other than that it’s quite nice! took me a lot less time to get used to then i thought it would! thanks again to Nash and the mods for keeping this group together! means a hell of a lot!

  6. Hey Nash, do you know if we’ll be able to use the old chat again? I find it to have a much easier interface. Just curious, since this is a trial. am I right?

    • I keep getting an error: This page ( is currently offline. However, because the site uses CloudFlare’s Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version.

      Then it says: error in loading: scripts/getconfig.php

  7. what are the requirements for an avi? i’ve tried to post one and it never goes through.
    have even made it the 80×80 like the old ones and it won’t post it.

    • Vixen was working on testing some options. Not sure what everyone has come up with yet.
      All I know is that moving GIFs may upload, but will not move, only one frame will be displayed.

      I am not sure if the pics need to be a certain size, or square or rectangle or anything yet. It’s on my list to figure out.

  8. Apparently Block will not work on Guests 😦 … Otherwise, everything else has worked fine for me 🙂 … It would be pretty sweet if you could do a random group PM chat with people on your Buddy list 😀 .. but I don’t want to sound greedy 😀 😀 Good work so far bro!

  9. love the site Nash…. fucking love it.
    all good …. i just hope the talk. web interace will work… as you cant have anything else up with it at the time
    ff35 and i love coming on here to chat with our reg mates… so It would be great if we can share the webcam interface at the same time. Skype/ fb/ yahoo/ google/ viber/ all crash with it….. you will be onto a motzo if you get that one nailed.

    • Jezebel, have you tried using the new chat system for audio or video yet?

      Some have had luck with it working in the pm mode, but it may now be switched to only work when the users are in the “all features” room, and it’s kind of counter intuitive having to push the talk button to talk like a CB radio. I found it worked good with audio anyway, when checking the box for hands free. I suppose that might not work so well if people have speakers and a mic / webcam with a mic close to each other – but with my headset it sounded good.

      This software is in public release beta – but we are getting updates applied every two days. It is not slated for a real finalized release until Feb 6th I think. We should (hopefully!) have most of the bugs hashed out by then, and then be able to start doing some real mods to it.

      Glad that you and so many others have stuck around to help us test some new options to consider!

  10. First things first, I love you Nash. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into helping all of us stay in touch…

    So, the whole PM feature has a few pros and cons. I think it’s really good if you ever need a mod in the room and you’re not always running and chasing them around in different rooms. You can just open their pm, minimize it until you need them and boom… you can get them anywhere. But, I wish the PM would be alongside the chat like before. I’m not a real fan of the whole… it being all the way at the bottom thing because I never notice it going off when it’s down there.

    I LOVE the wide variety of colour options we have now (even if I do still use my old bright green colour), but I wish there would be like a white background in the back because there’s only so many of the colours you can see off this one.

    Even though I do prefer the Java chat before this much better, you did a fantastic job on this one. You’re awesome Nash and keep fighting 🙂

  11. Nice try but not as good as the old one. The features etc are nice, but in my eyes the private chats totally suck, arranging, resizing etc. the old lined up tabs were much better for me. also its way too colorful, no chance of orientation, too much going on. And also the list would be easier to use if it was alphabetically sorted. A thing I always wanted to say: would it be possible to keep private chats going, even if one person leaves the room?-that would be really cool, i don’t mean starting IMs to different rooms, just keeping already started ones active.
    Youre doing great, and I wish you get an even more frequented chatroom, everybody is satisfied with. But I’d definitely say: stay close to the old Java Chat, it was already very good.

    • Thanks for the feedback SOFP – we will be relaunching the original chat rooms in all their glory in about 24 hours – hopefully it will stay online for yeas to come without any more interruptions.

  12. not sure where to put this….both sites down? cant get in either one????? been hours on the new chat and flash just shows th spinning connect wheel

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