My reply to nole

1-23-13 1:40am CST

In response to a contact Nash message, in which I had no way to directly reply, I will give the name nole for now…

I’m not sure how much you want me to discuss with you these issues you bring up publicly, but you have not given me any other way to communicate with you.

your point “a.” – we could have certainly talked about that before you decided to DOS.. what you may have found out if you contacted me is that you and I might be on the same page with that one. I have yet to form a complete opinion, as I do not have anywhere near enough information.

your point “b.” – if you had contacted me about that issue, I would of certainly investigated it. That is something that I would not want to happen to anyone, by anyone. If you could provide me with more details, and especially helpful if you have a chat log from that incident you describe, I would definitely want to know more about this and to see if it’s true, if it was an accident, or what exactly happened. The situation you described is alarming to me, but there has to be another explanation. Even though you have taken this route of abuse in the past, I would still like to know more about this.

If it was a mistake, or someone elses system was infected, or someone was impostering, or, well there could be all kinds of things that actually happened – without more details I can’t begin to figure out what happened, what was any intention, who was involved, how it happens, etc. More I think about this – you may be confused about the term being used here, and it may be an op instead of mod – I think I explained this a bit on our rules page – but maybe.. well we can chat about more with more info…

I see you can see some of the issues that have already been created when we do not have a direct dialogue. I would rather be able to make sure I am talking to the right person, and we don’t get other lines crossed in other ways. I think it would be best to have email, or some other way I can be sure and you can be sure that we are actually talking to each other, and that other people are not trying to interject themselves in this situation.

The thing you mentioned about not having a problem is probably going to happen – so it sounds like we will find some solutions, even though I still am completely in the dark as to what the exact problems were to begin with. That would be strange, but I have gotten use to strange things happening in this world. Man I wish you knew me better before all this started, you would know that I would of taken these issues of yours seriously and we probably would of been on the same page about most of them. We could of worked on some solutions that may be better than either you or I could of come up with alone.

I try to keep an open mind, and consider things from multiple angles. I think that is important. Maybe I was not around in the chat enough, but I made my contact information available all over the site, and encouraged everyone to either discuss things in the blog comments area or send me emails directly. I thought that users would see the public conversations and realize that I do not generally take sides before knowing as much about a complete situation, and consider feedback about things fairly.

Maybe it’s just that other big box sites do not engage users in that manner, and so you made the assumption that messaging me directly would of been like trying to talk to walmart about something.. none the less, I strive to be personal and fair with each and every person and group that I encounter. I suppose I need to make that more obvious within or around the rooms in some way so that others know this there.

Anyhow, figure out a code or something so I know how to recognize any messages from ya. Message me here, or email or something..


4 responses

  1. Well Nole – I sent you an email reply to the message I assume you sent through the anonymous private contact.. Please verify you have received that, or just let me know that that email addy is no good.
    These attacks continuing do not make any sense from what I have read – it would appear that you either have two or more people who are making different demands for different reasons, or you are getting bipolar on me. I am starting to think that maybe you are not one in control of this, and I should be seeking someone else to communicate with.

  2. “Nole” – I thought we had an understanding, and you were not going to attack our site anymore. However it appears that you, or your accomplices in this have decided to continue. For that reason, and in accordance with out privacy policy, I am informing you that personally identifiable information about you will now be shared with third parties.

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