open letter 2 the hackers

Not sure why you are attacking our site, and I am not sure that those who are unleashing these attacks really know either.

I did get the chance to chat with 3 different screen names, I would call them three different people, but I think all three were the same person – but not really sure. There seemed to be a few different issues this person or people were spouting off as reasons for disliking our site, but I don’t think any of those reasons are the real truth of why this guy decided our site should be attacked. I am guessing at this point that some guy found himself not getting the attention or affection from one of the other users in the chat room. I am assuming, that he felt disrespected by one or more individuals who hang out in some of groups that frequent our chat site. It would appear to me that this guy was so angry at being cast aside by someone that he decided he was going to make threats, and start harassing people. He wanted to show that he deserved respect, and that he is powerful. Exor / Imposter – are you shedding a tear because you had an online girlfriend with a fake name using a fake picture who virtually cheated on you with a virtual other person?

In this journey of power mongering, he may have gotten some of what he wanted, but at a price that way exceeded the value of what was gained in my humble opinion.

Assuming that this person is the same three screen names I received messages from, you really confuse me as to what your point is. At one point you said that we should allow for racial hate speech in our system, and you tried to force that through hacking and setting up rooms with words that were disturbing to many others,  and statements that are explicitly not allowed by our rules and terms of service. If you recall, I told you that you are free to have your opinion, and if you wanted to start your own web site and post big hateful messages about whatever races you think deserve to be slurred, then you have that right. However we do not allow for people to post big messages like the ones you were trying to leave in our system. The scsc community does not want to see big messages like you posted about Nigxxrs are Mxxxx  – it is a rule set that applies to all across the board.

Then in another message, at another time in the lobby, you state that we should not harbor the furry role play group in our chat rooms. You state that we will be forced to make them move elsewhere, and you know that your attacks are shutting down access to 40 web sites on our server.

You say that we will not be able to afford to keep protecting the anime rp group. I do not know what this group has done to you, or why you seem hellbent on stalking them and committing hate crimes in the name of harassing them. Part of me would like to know, but I want the whole and complete truth, not just a version that someone has created in their mind.  Without the whole truth of the situation, I’d rather not waste my time on figuring out why, but I would like to focus on some other aspects of what you have been doing.

When these attacks fist occurred, I thought to myself – why. Why would this guy be trying to DOS our web site? If he hates the fact that we do not allow hate speech. If he hates some people in the anime rp group, why would he decide that such a broad attack affecting so many was necessary? Surely this guy does not realize how many people he is affecting and in what ways. If this is to get your point across, and show you are all powerful and a force to be reckoned with, and someone that everyone should be very careful not to piss off; then you proved your point.

But, in proving your point, you showed much more about yourself than I think you really wanted.

People that wield great power must realize it’s potential, and only use it in careful, calculated ways that take into consideration all of the ramifications of using their powers. Often times the line between a super hero good guy and an evil despised villain is not the power they have, but how they use those powers, and the considerations of the collateral damages. The first attack you launched made me think you may be ignorant as to the effects of your attack, but your messages the next day in the lobby showed that you were well aware of all the other sites you were hurting, and all the people that were suffering communication breakdown as a result of your abuse of telecommunications.

The first time we chatted, we disagreed, but at least there was a reasonable discussion. You made a point, I understood what you were saying, and I said that I did not think you were crazy, and I can see how a reasonable person would come up with those opinions, however we would not be changing our rules about hate speech being allowed to be promoted using our site. You stood by your convictions, and you threatened to go tell a bunch of your “friends” to attack us based upon some lies.

It seems to me that you are not all powerful. You and I know that just about anyone can do what you did. You are actually a coward. A wimp that sends others to do damage in the name of your fake name. You hide behind other people’s keyboards and think you are so cool, but you have only proven what a whiny cry baby you are. You have only shown that you are willing destroy the lives of groups of other people just to have some power play feeling. You are a pathetic individual.

DOS attackers need to consider the collateral damages. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

You know, some groups who perpetuate DOS attacks have some ethics and morals, heck some of their attacks are based upon ethics and morals. Where are your ethics when you knowingly ask others to attack a site, knowing that it will take down other sites with it? You get people to attack a site because you want three people to fear your wrath, and you do this knowing that you will take down the ability for 200 other people to communicate. You know that you are disrupting hundreds of other people’s conversations, and ruining the time they have. Is this your real goal? It must be, because you know you are doing it, and you even come to the lobby to show off that you have done it. Yet you still do it without a real name, still hiding behind a fake nick, and hiding behind other people’s keyboards.

You know, when a DOS attack is done a place like McDonalds – most likely they are the only ones affected. It is unlikely that some large corporation is sharing web server space with 100 other small businesses. When a group hits a small company with a DOS – it is hurting many more people and businesses than they probably think about.

Your recent attacks seriously hurt dozens of businesses that had nothing to do with your squabble with some cartoon screen name in a chat room. You hurt a lot of honest, hard working people, just to prove a point, that most are unsure of.

To the hackers that got duped into helping this guy launch these attacks:

I hope that you will do more research about the victims of these attacks. The ripple affects of your weapons go far beyond the intended targets in situations like these. I also hope that you guys will be careful about who you believe, and how much you believe them. This guy told me that he was going to go and tell lies to other hackers in order to get them to do his bidding. If you are trying to be hacker with a cause, don’t get duped and let someone who acts like they are your friend convince you to attack the wrong place for the wrong reason. You will likely not know the true reason in situations like these, and to think that people could convince you attack targets that really should not be attacks, and dupe you into hurting a bunch of other unintended targets – well you really should be more responsible with your weapons.

There is a point when a certain amount of collateral damage turns a wanna be good guy into a despicable irresponsible terrorist. The amount of collateral damage in ratio to the offense of the intended target will likely vary from situation to situation. I simply suggest you think harder about the other people and businesses that your attacks affect. When people lose the ability to put food on their table and pay their rent because you were convinced to attack some other web site on a server that you knew could not handle it – who is more of a bad guy? The person you were trying to attack or the person who took out 20 more people, or 200 more people unleashing a weapon of mass destruction?


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  1. * hugs Nash and tells the hackers as follows *

    Aren’t the most precious goods you have in life – your family – respect for them, their well being, tolerance and tact?
    Well – I have no family in real life – my family is on this chatsite – you are destroying my family there.
    What gives you the right to take this away from me?
    Has your Mama not tought you to respect others and their families?
    As if we do not have enough hate and disrespect in this world – you are fighting your private war and hurting so many others.
    Our chatsite has been created to be our little island of comfort.
    Where we can relax and forget hate and trouble.
    I am kindly asking you to stop your hate campaign and your private war.
    Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.

    • Ladylikes and Nash: This couldn’t be more true than for Mars and me (Venus), If it wasn’t for this chat site we would never have fallen in love or become husband and wife in real life. Anna and Leo would never have met and fallen in love and also gotten married in real life. The wholesome, genuine and most loving relationships have been born here, on this site. Many real, genuine and amazing friendships have flourished here too. Nash I would like to personally convey my thanks for making this chat site the most respectful and yet sexy, intimate place to be either yourself or to play a fantasy(if you so wish). It is entirely the person’s choice. But for those of us who wish to have different friendships with each other in a real way, this is the site to do it. I , and I know Mars would agree with me if he was here now, say Thank you Nash, Steve and all the other admins and moderators who put so much effort and time, with personal sacrifice sometimes, into Sex Chat. It is more than just sex chat, it is a place to laugh, to cry, to love, to dislike with respect, to learn, to build boundaries and to break down walls.
      Even though many here believe that feelings are not real here, that it is just virtual fantasy, I will remind them that there are people typing these words and sentences. We are entertained and enlightened and I would hope that many members here, who consider themselves to be an online friends and family here,
      have blood running through their veins, are REAL PEOPLE.. Mars and I have become a real family, who love and adore each other, and we can meet, fall in love and conquer the world together in harmony, I would hope and wish that this hacker could feel just a little of the true meaning of friendship. Please give it another shot, there are others here who have been disappointed and hurt here, but worked through it and became better people for it. Mars and I did. Please reconsider this maliciousness and back away. If you give people a chance and show respect, you will get respect. Love and peace to all my friends here. I hope this site will be up and running soon. Good Luck Nash . Venus

  2. A well presented, well reasoned commentary Nash. Whether those to whom it is addressed will have the dignity to accept their own inadequacies is dubious. Such people rarely see beyond their own petty issues.

  3. A great site for meeting people and enjoying them throughout the world. loved it hope it comes back. Willing to pay for the site a small fee. I think everyone would be.

  4. Lovely Nash, well written letter, i like your style and your class, something the “hacker” clearly has not. Thank you once again.

  5. i just feel like someone needs to find out who this guy is and knock his teeth out, i can understand getting frustrated about something on the site, i mean every once and a while it wouldnt even load for me, but there is no reason to do this. he might be all mighty and powerful behind a keyboard, but lets get this little asshat out somewhere else and see how cool he is.

  6. well put Nash. it is to bad this person is such a coward. A real adult would stand up and fight for their cause not this back door sneak attack crap. I hope this coward is happy,YES i am calling this person a coward .

  7. You could probably find out who these people are, everything done online leaves a literal foot print.
    Ofcourse that probably takes an ungodly amount of time, but hell, I’d pay to watch them squirm if you did find out who they were and knocked on their door.

  8. um……. I came on here for my own reasons…. those reasons are my own just as they are for everyone else that comes on here. a right we all have…… I met the love of my life on this site. A needle in a haystack for us both. We cant believe we fell in love. We cant believe that we found eachother on this site. But in truth this site is about love. and sharing oneself intimately…… yes it is virtual but for regulars…. it is not.
    For those honest enough to be real. It is a pure form of communication.. And nothing is more powerful than the written word….. You cannot convey what you do not know……And if our words are for the sake of loving….. who the fuck has the right to deny anyone of that? Not you hacker….So shame on you…….perhaps the answer to your anger lies in the reason for your actions, which clearly defines who you really are….. who for me is someone I care not to know.
    Good luck Nash…….xx

    Yours respectfully
    Jezebel (Soon-to-be Mrs Firefighter35)

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  10. Hey Nash : is there any way to try and invite the hackers into sexchat and ask them in a private room to chat to you or any of us… Sexchat is home to us… It is what we know. it is our own reality when i am not busy… To the hackers, please have a heart.. If you are reading this.. Then whatever the problem is.. I appologize to you… I will do anything i can to help us get sexchat back… two years i have been coming to sexchat now… I have laughed and cried, and listened to all walks of life of people who have shared their lives with me in chat.. I have learned how to be a better person and come out of my shell a lot more.. It really hurts me that you don’t care about us…How will we keep contact with each other… You have proven you have technology beyond our wildest thoughts.. You are very clever people… But have you thought about the misery you are causing too all of us.. In sexchat the rooms are always full with people.. It is the best thing since sliced bread.. Even the mods who put in the time and patience into dealing with sexchat peeps are gutted .. and they are the ones who do it for free. So i ask you.. Please don’t take away our sexchat.. It’s all we know… Bless you all. and thankyou…

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